Who are you?

We’re a global movement to democratise money so that it works for society and not against it. We’re a coalition of not-for-profit campaigns who are working to tackle an issue that is at the root of many of the social and economic problems that we’re facing today…


Our Statement of Purpose


What’s the problem?

Right now most of the money in our economies is created by banks. Banks create up to 97% of money, in the form of the numbers in your bank account, when they make loans. This means that they effectively decide a) how much money there is in the economy, and b) where that money goes. The control of the creation of money, in the hands of banks, has contributed to the problems of:

What’s the solution?

We believe the power to create money must be removed from the banks that caused the financial crisis and returned to a democratic, transparent and accountable body. New money must only be created and used to benefit the public and society as a whole, rather than just the financial sector. There are detailed and workable proposals that would allow this to happen. Even the Financial Times has written about the need to prevent banks from being able to create money.

How can I get involved?

Contact the group in your country to learn more about the movement in your country. No group yet? then click here to start the process to a new national movement.