Upcoming conferences

The Future of Money – Central Bank Digital Currency and Beyond
June 15th 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

15th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference
3rd-6th October, 2019
at University Center, Downtown Chicago

Past Conferences

IMMR annual meeting 2019
22nd-24th March 2019
in Madrid, Spain

The future of money – 10 years after Lehman and Nakamoto
Annual conference of Monetative Germany
24th November 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

14th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference
25th-28th October 2018, Chicago, IL

IMMR annual meeting 2018
25th-27th May 2018, Utrecht, Netherlands

IMMR annual meeting 2017
17th-19th February 2017, Berlin, Germany

IMMR Brussels Meeting and Training 2016
18th-21st February 2016, Brussels, Belgium