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The time is ripe to make the International Movement for Monetary Reform bigger and louder!

As very few private foundations and wealthy donors have an interest in democratizing the global money system, we need your help to fund us.
We promise to make your money count by building smart campaigns which will put the issue of money reform onto the global political agenda. And who knows, your money might just prevent the next financial crisis.
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Account holder: IMMR
IBAN: NL80 BUNQ 2206 1261 76
Bank: BUNQ, The Netherlands
Beneficiary Address: Europalaan 20, 3526KS Utrecht
Bank branch Address: Naritaweg 131-133, 1043 BS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bank email contact info:
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 54992060
Dutch Tax and Customs Administration: NL851519945B01