06 Aug 2017

IMMR is hiring an International Coordinator

The purpose of the International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR) is to reform our current monetary system (where the bulk of our money is created by private institutions) to one where all money is created free of debt in a democratic and transparent process by sovereign nations for society’s public good.

To support our efforts in changing the monetary system, we are hiring an International Coordinator.


Location & time: Very flexible. You would work mostly online and connect via web conferences and online communication tools. You are mostly free to structure your working hours.
Remuneration: 600-1000 EUR / month, (this money is raised collectively by our national member organizations and the final amount has not been determined yet. However, as our movement grows, there is potential to upgrade your position/remuneration)
Start date: As soon as possible
Closing date for applications: 31st August 2017


  • Connecting and supporting the various national member organizations and national coordinators by maintaining contact with them, offering advice or when required help them deal with problems within their group, such as motivation, retention, communication.
  • Coordinating the efforts from various working groups and contributing to decisions around deadlines, schedules, communication and prioritisation of tasks.
  • Working closely with the IMMR Core Group, supporting their efforts and fulfilling assigned tasks
  • Coordinating and managing the IMMR blog, newsletter, website, discourse forum and social media.
  • Helping to organize an annual IMMR meeting.
  • Fundraising.
    New opportunities and tasks will arise in relation to changing circumstances. As the IMMR grows, this role will develop.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Experience in the voluntary or campaigning sector and in managing volunteers.
  • The ability to take initiative, identify challenges and propose workable, engaging solutions.
  • Excellent people/interpersonal skills with proven ability to work with and support people with differing levels of knowledge and experience.
  • The ability to work well alone or within a team, as required, and be highly self-motivated.
  • A positive, flexible approach and genuine commitment to working for positive change.
  • Attention to detail and completion of tasks.
  • Experience with online communication platforms for networks and project management is desirable.
  • Good general knowledge of the architecture of the money system and sovereign money reform. Membership in a national organization within the IMMR is desirable.

If you are interested, please send your CV & application letter answering the questions below to coregroup@moneyreform.international

What is your background regarding monetary reform?
Why do you want to work for the IMMR?
What skills and experience do you have that make you suitable to apply for the job?

If we think you fit the position, we will invite you to a virtual interview soon.
We are looking forward to your application!