30 Oct 2020

AFJM Launch Announcement of Democratizar el Dinero

The Alliance For Just Money is excited to have stepped into the publishing business by releasing a Spanish anthology of a dozen translations of high quality articles on the latest findings in monetary theory and on ongoing improved reasons for real monetary reform.

The title is Democratizar el Dinero. Una introducción a la Reforma del Dinero Soberano (Democratizing Money: An introduction to Sovereign Monetary Reform) and is available in print, as a downloadable pdf, and as an audiobook (forthcoming).

One of the Alliance’s goals is to ensure that all nations and ethnic groups, regardless of language, understand the importance of monetary reform, especially those countries and populations that have the most to benefit from a reform of our monetary system for their nations and citizens.

A special thanks goes to Jesús Suaste Cherizola for helping us to achieve this very important goal. The essays translated for this publication were selected to give the reader of broad overview of the history, problems, solutions and obstacles associated with our current system and reforming it for the benefit of all people.

Please enjoy the articles in Spanish by purchasing the book or downloading the pdf version, or read the original articles in English. The book’s landing page has all the relevant links.

Please visit our website here and our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter @AllianceJust. Although the website resources are in English the website can be viewed in Spanish be utilizing the translate function on your mobile device or PC. 

And remember that anything physically possible, ecologically wise, and socially desirable is also financially feasible.