12 Nov 2020

16th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference, 2020

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

Our 16th Annual AMI Conference will take place on November 13, 14, 15, and because of the pandemic it will be a ZOOM Conference. The schedule is below and we look forward to your presence as a participant, speaker, or discussant. Participant cost is $25.00 and that is a flat fee for the whole conference.

The speakers on Saturday will assume that all participants are familiar with monetary reform. Therefore, we decided to have two concurrent Friday evening breakout sessions. On this night (Friday night – 6 – 8 pm CST Chicago Time) after the participants join the ZOOM conference they will be in the ‘lobby’ and can choose between

1) a happy-hour breakout session where people are free to talk and chat, or

2) an introductory breakout session about monetary reform calibrated for new people, or just as a refresher. Here we will learn some of the basics on money and banking and monetary systems. We will learn about the money creation and its expansion process, and to understand monetary reform we will learn about money in circulation and reserves. Further, we will learn about digital currency and particularly about central bank digital currencies and side-by-side competition. The purpose of this session is for the person relatively new to monetary reform to be able to follow the conversations over the weekend.

All people who attend this breakout session will be invited to attend a study group to learn about money and monetary systems at no further registration cost.

I’m sure everyone will be invited to say a word about themselves and what they are doing.

The conference is split up into five sessions and every session has more or les a theme:

Session 0 (Friday evening): Introduction to Monetary Reform and Good luck Happy Hour (optional, but the introduction to monetary refrom is strongly advised for new people)

Session Ia (Sat morning): Latest Research and Findings

Session Ib (Sat afternoon): Monetary Activism

Session IIa (Sun morning): Parity Pricing

Session IIb (Sun afternoon): International Dimension

Below you will find relevant information about the schedule, registration and payment.

Thanks and warmest regards, hoping to see you on Zoom,

The 2020 AMI Conference Team,

Steven Walsh
Mike Holden
Govert Schuller
Alfonso Saldana

“Do not be afraid – and remember: Action dispels fear.”   – Stephen Zarlenga, AMI co-founder and first Director 1941-2017

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