01 Jun 2021


by Moneta Positiva

2 June 2021. From 9h to 24h CEST

24 TEDX the largest Italian Ideas Marathon ever organized

On 2 June, the Italian Republic Day, a 15-hour marathon organized by the 24 Italian TEDx with the evocative title “Digital Democracy” will be held to discuss together how digital evolution has changed and will change the theme of rights and democracy.

From 9h to 24h, more than 50 leaders will present their own special point of view: where we have arrived, what awaits us in the near future and how we should be able to use the power and potential of digital to turn them into opportunities.

The event will be broadcast online. To participate for free in the Digital Democracy, simply register at: www.virtualvenue.stream

One of the speakers is Fabio Conditi, engineer and scholar of economic and monetary systems, founder and President of the Moneta Positiva association, member of the International Movement for Money Reform, will talk to us about how it is possible to introduce new digital positive money.

Italy is one of the richest countries in the world for historical, cultural, artistic, environmental, financial, human and technical resources. Moneta Positiva suggests that it only needs the money that can be created with a click of the computer, creating a 1,000 billion euro plan in two years to secure the country, in full compliance with its Constitution and the European Treaties.

By applying digital technology to the monetary system today Italy can make its democracy more complete and promote a new vision of the economy that puts people’s needs at the center of its action and finally achieve a better future for all.

You can now watch the recording of Fabio’s talk here