14 Oct 2021

2021 International Monetary Conference hosted by the American Monetary Institute

Please join our community at the upcoming 2021 International Monetary Conference on November 5, 6, and 7th, 2021, hosted by The American Monetary Institute (AMI) .  This will consist of a series of three Zoom sessions:

Virtual Meetings via Zoom on November 5, 6 and 7, 2021

Please register here (cost is $35)


The speakers’ list includes Laurence Kotlikoff, Miguel Ordóñez, Katharina Serafimova, Ahamed Kameel, Ronnie Phillips, Joseph Huber, Lilian Held-Kwaham, Richard Robbins, Tim Di Muzio, Sergio Rossi, Virginia Hammon and many more luminaries. See here for a list with bios.


There will be three ZOOM sessions starting Friday at 4 pm (Central Time US) and Saturday and Sunday at 9 am, with a meal break midway each day. Each day willend in the early evening. The conference will utilise ZOOM, and the sessions will berecorded. The cost of the conference will be $35, with Speakers and Volunteers not needing to pay.