18 Aug 2022

Confessions of an Islamic Banker

The new book, Confessions of an Islamic Banker, by Zahid Aziz is now available for sale. For inquiries and purchases, please contact Zahid directly at email: zahid.aziz1855@gmail.com.

It is a life story, it is a book, it is a share of insights based on over 30 years of life in Islamic Muamalat; from a candid and humourous description of life experiences to a sombre initial exposure of the Principles of Usul Fiqh and Qaiddhah Fiqhiyyah, learnt from an Islamic University, the Writer shares his heart and soul with the Reader. Intricately weaved into the delightful life story the Writer also shares many invaluable intellectual contents including History of Money, Gold and Silver Standards, History and Characteristics of Shariah Money, Economics of Madinah and the Riba Economics of Today, the Current Deceitful Monetary System and how much pain it is causing the Ummah and Humanity. The title of the book is a play on the World’s Best Seller called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. It is a light story of the Writer’s journey from an Islamic Banker to an Islamic Monetary Reformist, but a very serious summary of what needs to be done to recapture justice and our lost destiny.


Muhammad Zahid Abdul Aziz, BA Econs (Exeter), MSc IBF (IIUM), is an Islamic Monetary Reformist who wants to assist the world humanity in an age where humanity is drowning in the common problems of life that afflict all human beings without many understanding what is befalling them.

Armed with 30 years of experience in the Islamic Muamalat industry, and through his NGO Movement for Monetary Justice, Malaysia, Zahid fights for Justice in the current insidious Monetary System, which steals the purchasing power of the downtrodden, enriching the already rich; impoverishing the poor, producing unemployment of graduates and youth, depressing wage and salary levels and internationally certainly not enriching the poor.

He guides society about the true nature of the monetary system we practice, domestic and international which benefits only a handful of human beings but is built on the burden and suffering of the poor and the common men. He urges the Muslim ummah in particular, to think as always demanded by the Qur’an, and humanity in general, not to rely on the foundation of shaky knowledge and beliefs built on the pillars of injustice. He is well travelled internationally in his untiring efforts to implement Islamic Muamalat and to uplift poor economies via advocacy of reforms towards an Islamic monetary system.

He is also the author of two other books, “The Foams of the Waves of the Sea – The Case for an Islamic Monetary System” and the Malay version of “Umpama Buih Dilautan –  Suatu Hujjah Untuk Perlaksanaan Sistem Monetari Islam.”

For inquiries and purchases, please contact Zahid directly at email: zahid.aziz1855@gmail.com.