02 Sep 2022

New Book On Sovereign Money: Real Honest Money

We are pleased to announce that there’s a new book on Sovereign Money has been launched.  Real Honest Money by James McCumiskey is an easy to read book that puts the complex monetary system problems and solutions into layman’s terms so that they are easier to understand. It is available now through Amazon here:

The author James McCumiskey is a 58-year-old accountant based in Northern Ireland. He has been involved with Positive Money for many years and was the Positive Money Belfast Coordinator for over five years.

Most accountants, just like most ordinary people, do not understand how money is created.  This book was a process of discovery and learning for James as he came to understand and appreciate the scam that is the money creation process by private banks. He advocates for Sovereign Money as a solution, where the state creates 100% of the money supply. This is the solution is also advocated by Positive Money and other monetary reform organisations such as the International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR).

The book highlights how today, commercial banks create over 95% of our money supply. This is the fundamental reason why our monetary system is corrupt. The consequence of this system of money creation is that we the little people pay significantly more taxes.

The worldwide monetary system is collapsing under the weight of all the debt it created, which cannot be repaid.

‘The Great Reset’ is a proposal to replace the failing monetary system with a new monetary system, under centralized control. Real Honest Money is the antithesis of the Great Reset.

Real Honest Money explains why our monetary system is corrupt and how to transform it into a fair monetary system for the benefit of all.

You can order your copy of the book here.