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June II 2019 – Success stories from IMMR members around the world!

June I 2019 – IMMR coordinator wanted! New articles on money creation and inequality

May II 2019 – Paid CBDC consultancy opportunity and CBDC conference in Canada

May I 2019 – Conference: The Future of Money , Design options for sovereign money – a full overview, First IMMR coffee house meeting

April 2019 – News, videos and articles from IMMR meeting Madrid – better together!

March 2019 – “The Money question” research platform launched, new Slovenian member, interesting articles

February 2019 – Swedish conference: “The e-krona and beyond”, Dutch government report on money system, video on helicopter money

January 2019 – Videos from Frankfurt conference, new Turkish member, IMMR Madrid meeting registration

December 2018 – Date of next IMMR meeting Madrid, Money Maker 2 in English, Change Finance Forum #2

November 2018 – Many publications on digital cash, interactive IMMR world map, conference dates

October II 2018 – International money reform at a critical point – we need your help!

October 2018 – New IMMR member from the USA, conference ticket sale opened, Change Finance coalition founded, many new articles

September 2018 – Money Maker board game, new IMMR projects, “future of money” conference in Frankfurt, new articles

July 2018 – Two upcoming international conferences, new publications and videos from Positive Money Europe

June 2018 – IMMR Utrecht Meeting, Swiss referendum updates, and IMMR YouTube channel

May 2018 – You have to spend money to change money

March 2018 – Next IMMR meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands

January 2018 – Latest developments in the movement to democratize money

November 2017 – Hey, it’s been a while!

December 2016 – Central banks start looking into money reform!

September 2016 – New Report in Iceland Outlines Benefits of Sovereign Money

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